March 28, 2015

Aetna to Launch CarePass Mobile in Q1 2013

By: On December 4, 2012

Aetna has announced that its health care information platform, CarePass, will go mobile in March 2013. The platform incorporates apps from 19 partners ranging from programs for fitness and nutrition to those to help users find care providers. Aetna’s media release states that its vision is to improve the delivery of health care through the use of technology by both consumers and physicians.

The platform consolidates Aetna’s mHealth acquisitions into an integrated tool with popular apps from its external partners. It also anticipates that novel apps will be developed for the platform and includes a developer portal with API management, documentation and support, and various communications channels.

The CarePass platform is non-proprietary and open to all users. Aetna is not alone in its ambitions to integrate health care information for consumers and providers. We have recently reported that both Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson have launched platforms for health care information. Odds are they will all be joined by additional players looking to create a dominant network. Read more here.