March 31, 2015


mHealth Shows Great Potential to Help Underserved

By: On July 6, 2012
When talking about mHealth apps, most people picture a yuppie on a mountain bike checking their blood pressure or heart rate after a century ride. But the reality is ethnic…

Boston Scientific Launches Wireless Pacemaker in Europe

By: On June 29, 2012
Boston Scientific has launched a wireless remote patient management system in Europe with the implantation of the first Latitude NXT-enabled pacemaker in a heart patient at a hospital in Italy.…

CellScope Nets $1m for Smartphone Enabled Otoscope

By: On June 29, 2012
CellScope is out to make life easier for children with ear infections and their parents. The Rock Health alum company has garnered $1 million from Khosla Ventures for a Smartphone…

“Intelligent Medicine” Platform Developer Raises $17.5m for Commercialization

By: On June 29, 2012
Proteus Biomedical has netted $17.5 that it will put towards the commercialization of its “intelligent medicine” platform. The product, dubbed Raisin includes a ingestible biomedical sensor, a wearable peel-and-stick patch…

Will Doctors Prescribe mHealth Apps?

By: On June 29, 2012
Happtique, a mobile apps store host, is conducting a trial to see if doctors will be more likely to prescribe medical apps if they are trained on how to integrate…