March 31, 2015

mHealth App Market to Diverge

By: On July 26, 2012

mhealth app market divergeThis article in HealthTechZone does a laudable job in contrasting consumer medical apps with medical apps for doctors and hospitals.

However, like much recent commentary, it does not note the very different paths to market that the respective products will likely have to follow. It is becoming increasingly clear that apps for doctors and hospitals provide an immediate and direct benefit in terms of patient service, efficiency, or both.

We believe that ultimately it is these apps — professional, rigorously tested, regulated — which will command premium pricing and provide the best returns to entrepreneurs and investors, as well as the most clinical benefit to patients. Nevertheless, there will remain a critically important role for consumer apps to play in the general wellness and health maintenance space. Doctors, ACOs and other stakeholders will likely encourage their patients to use such apps to improve exercise, healthy eating and other positive health outcome habits.


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