March 28, 2015

Rock Health’s Fourth Class Starts with Support from Kleiner and Kaiser

By: On October 29, 2012

Rock Health, a major seed accelerator for health startups, added the significant Silicon Valley venture firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as a partner at the end of the Summer. As a result, each founding team in its fourth class will have access to an additional $100k, or a five-fold increase in overall funding. Additionally, Kaiser Permanente recently announced it would act as a mentor to the startups, offering advice, strategic consulting, and the potential to act as a future partner, or even a customer.

Similar to other accelerators, Rock Health offers startups a valuable opportunity for mentorship, seed capital, operational support, and office space. Concurrently, the new partnership with Kaiser is considered a huge win for Rock Health, as Kaiser is one the largest health management organizations in the US, thus giving startups a potential market to test and market their new products. As Rock Health has grown financially, so has its fourth batch of fourteen startups, which all show great promise of future success. Read more here.