April 19, 2015

Spit on Your iPhone for Rapid Diagnosis

By: On November 20, 2012

A promising mobile health startup has developed a liquid-based diagnostic platform that uses saliva or urine for rapid, non-invasive testing and that works with smartphones. The technology can test for anything from diabetic’s ketone levels to a cancer patient’s chemotherapy levels, as well as detect alcohol and marijuana in urine.  The smartphone diagnostic was developed last year by QUICK, and it uses chemistry and physics to measure concentrations of substances in liquids.

For diabetes, the app can quickly measure dangerously high levels of ketones in the saliva indicating a life threatening condition associated with the build-up of fat products. The platform also has the potential to access whether the levels of chemotherapy are appropriate, or exact, for the particular patient’s condition. There’s similar applicability to measure levels of the therapeutic doses via the saliva of other pharmaceutical medications. Using the platform has also attracted the interest of some beverage companies as a potential way to measure alcohol levels, as well as marijuana, steroids, and steroids. The primary advantage of using saliva as a sampling mode is its ease and simplicity in gathering samples. Click here for the article.