March 29, 2015

Telemedicine May Ease Physician Shortage

By: On November 6, 2012

The increased use of telemedicine services, such as remote patient monitoring and video consultations, may help ease the pain of our nation’s current shortage of primary care physicians. However, various conditions will need to change for telemedicine to make a positive impact for this serious deficit of a projected nationwide loss of 159,000 physicians by 2025.

Telemedicine has many great benefits, such as increased efficiency and easier management of chronic diseases. But telemedicine remains hard to implement because the list of fully reimbursed services remains short. The lack of reimbursement is tied to the outdated fee-for-service payment model that is based on patient office visits. Another barrier to bringing telemedicine to the mainstream is the need to develop systems that don’t overwhelm physicians with information and data (associated with remote monitoring services) required for them to make informed medical decisions.  However, according to experts, telemedicine and mHealth appear to be the future standard of care in medicine. Click here to read more.